“Pain experts never target the root cause of your achy, stiff joints: Your Body’s Pain Switch. That’s why most common pain solutions give you temporary relief - ONLY for the pain to come back 10 times worse!

Dr.Jesse Ropat
Bone Health Expert

Yet this one thing is already helping thousands of patients get almost permanent “euphoric relief” from sore knees, finger cramps, shoulder pain, and back aches. 

PLUS, it helps your body heal from old injuries and lubricates your joints like grease on a door hinge. So you can move and feel like a teenager again. All WITHOUT expensive surgery or relying on horse-sized pain pills with dangerous side effects”.

This Letter Is For Anyone
Who HATES to Move Because of: 

Sciatica or lower back pain that makes standing, picking up heavy boxes, and common household chores feel like a daunting task 

Creaky, stiff joints that cause bone-on-bone pain in your hips, shoulders, elbows, or hands

Achy, sore knees that make it nearly impossible to be active, without feeling limited by pain

You’re About To Discover The Real Reason
Why Most Common Pain Solutions
Never Give You True, Lasting Relief...

Worse yet - stick with me
and you’ll also discover:

How NSAIDs and painkillers rewire your neurons until you have the same addictive brain as a strung-out junkie. And the name of the one painkiller you should avoid at all costs. (Hint: It’s because taking just 1 tablet can increase your chances of falling and breaking a bone by 1000%).

The FDA’s Final Warning - Why this so-called “joint pain solution” actually increases your risk of a heart attack, internal bleeding, and Chronic Kidney disease tenfold - sometimes in as little as 7 days. And how it also triggers muscle cramps, swelling of the feet and ankle, and even insomnia!

How this natural joint healing remedy washes away soreness & discomfort…. And helps your joints glide and slide pain-free. In fact, 93% of patients reported improvement in social and recreational activities. Meaning…  they were able to get back to work, spend more time with their grandkids, family and friends, AND get back to their favorite hobbies.

But First, Here’s Why I’m Considered
One Of The Top Bone Health Experts…

As I mentioned, my name is Dr.Jesse Ropat. I have a degree in Biochemistry and a Doctorate in Pharmacy from the world-renowned University of Toronto. 

For the past 10 years, I have looked for natural, lasting solutions to end crippling health issues like joint pain. I spend most of my days in world-renowned facilities like the Baycrest Hospital… which is recognized as one of the nation’s top 10 research-intensive hospitals.1

That’s because of its not-for-profit Centre for Aging and Health Innovation… which has already conducted over 3,799 academic studies… dedicated to helping tens of thousands of folks with joint pain issues and other signs of aging.2

Dr.Jesse Ropat
Bone Cell Expert

Now my inspiration to help folks like you get instant relief from joint pain comes from a deeply personal place.

See, my uncle passed away from bone cancer. He was my best friend and a pillar for our entire family. So this nearly broke me - as I watched a man who was the life of the party, grow “old” before his time.

As his body betrayed him, he had to give up hobbies he loved like golfing, hiking, and afternoon walks with his spouse. Worse yet - he had to give up any dreams of walking his daughter down the aisle… playing with his grandkids… traveling and backpacking with his spouse.

My uncle HATED prescriptions and the idea of knee replacement surgery. But he was so desperate, he’d do anything to get his old life back!

A life where he could work, run errands, and help around the house to feel like a hero again to his wife, without pain limiting his every move.

A life where his co-workers, friends, kids, and spouse remembered him as a strong, vibrant version of himself. 

Because the last thing he wanted, was to be remembered as a “fragile man”. A weak man who was a burden to his family. Or like a senior citizen in a nursing home who needed help with simple tasks like... opening a jar... taking out the trash... and putting on a shirt.

You know, his death still haunts me
because I can’t help but think,
he might still be alive if I knew what I know now.

That’s why I promised myself that no matter the cost, and no matter how many all-nighters I spent pouring through research studies, I would help thousands of folks understand the root cause of joint pain, and provide them with an actual, long-term solution.

Funny enough, I spend so much of my time studying bone cells, my colleagues like to joke around and call me the bone whisperer. Now I know having vast knowledge in joint health isn’t as celebrated as being a heart surgeon or a brain surgeon, and I'll certainly never be as rich and famous as those guys, and that's fine.

I do this to honor my late uncle. 

That’s why I’m proud to say - after devoting 10 years of my life - combing through research papers from Harvard, Yale School of Medicine, and Columbia University, I have discovered the most overlooked, sneaky culprit of your crippling aches & pain.

It has nothing to do with your weight… age-related wear-and-tear… or even inflammation.

And everything to do with your body’s pain switch. Because once it’s flipped ON, it sends jolts of pain to your back, neck, and other body parts… which triggers numbness, soreness, tingling sensations, and sharp, shooting pains - no matter what you do!

It all started with 2 simple questions:

Why are Americans over 40 struggling with joint pain now more than ever before? And how come none of these so-called pain solutions give you instant, yet lasting joint pain relief?

Read this page till the very end and you’ll discover how the answer to these two questions can help end your soreness for good. Plus, I'll even show you my 7-second joint-renewing ritual you can do at home to get instant, long-term relief. Because until now, if your joints are flared up, sore, and achy… most doctors would offer one of the following 3 solutions:


The first is prescription painkillers, which hit your brain with a one-two punch. First, they block your pain signals. Second, (like crystal meth, cocaine, and heroin), they release dopamine and other addictive, feel-good hormones.

So while this gives you “euphoric relief”, know that in the background, your neurons are being rewired until you become as addicted as a strung-out junkie.

That’s why your doctors keep “upping your dosage” and why over time, you take DOUBLE the pills just to get HALF the relief. Your body is building tolerance. This leads to what I call: “The Boomerang Effect”, where the pain leaves for a while - ONLY to come back 10x worse! Sometimes, with severe headaches, stomach issues, and heart complications.

It’s no wonder researchers from the University of Queensland, Australia say prescription painkillers contribute to more illnesses and deaths than heroin and cocaine.3

Worse yet - studies show painkillers erode your internal organs within 24 hours of popping a pill. So if painkillers can wreak this much havoc in less than 24 hours… imagine the damage it has already done to your body after months and years.

Luckily, I’ll show you how my 7-second joint-renewing ritual can give you “lasting euphoria relief” from joint pain WITHOUT the dangerous side effects.

But before I spill the beans, let’s talk about the second solution - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs aka NSAIDs. 

NSAIDs relieve pain by reducing inflammation.

But that’s ONLY half the truth Big Pharma TELLS you so they can keep marketing this lethal drug. What they will never tell you is, the FDA recently rolled out a Black Box Warning for NSAIDS.

Black Box Warning is the most alarming warning label in the United States. The FDA issues it only for drugs with life-threatening side effects. That’s why you’ll find labels like this on NSAIDs:

As you can see, NSAIDs increase your risk of a stroke and heart attack.

It also leads to perforation, which is a big black “hole” in your stomach. This causes ulcers, internal bleeding, and sudden death. It even speeds up the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease, where you get muscle cramps, swelling of the feet and ankle, and insomnia. 

I don’t mean to scare you but it gets worse - because your risk of internal bleeding, a heart attack, and Chronic Kidney disease increases tenfold within the first weeks of NSAID use.

And get this - when you take NSAIDs (even if it’s 1 tablet of aspirin), you increase your chances of falling and breaking a bone by 1000%. And the last thing you want is to fall down a flight of stairs in front of your family, friends, and even strangers, am I right?

That’s why in a minute, I will show you how you can prevent bone loss AND regrow thick, sturdy joints from the inside out while getting instant, lasting relief.

Now the third solution is supplements like Tumeric, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin.

You would think since they are natural, they’d be the safer option, right? Well, think again, because you could “accidentally overdose” taking these supplements. Here’s how:

Most of these formulas lack “bioavailability”, which means your body barely absorbs the nutrients.

Manufacturers know this. So they resort to a dirty trick where they add piperine, aka black pepper to their formula. This helps boost absorption. This may not seem like a big deal until you realize this boosts the absorption of everything. 

So if you’re taking medication (like blood sugar and hypertension meds)... you could end up accidentally “overdosing”.

To put the nail in the coffin: 

The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) and The Arthritis Foundation 7 recommend against taking them, and even Harvard scientists are skeptical.

That’s because after a 4-year study involving over 1,624 folks with joint pain… the results proved that these supplements barely prevent your joints from breaking down or relieve knee pain. In fact, some patients said their knee & back pain became “more unbearable”. And scientists discovered that patients who experienced any relief were because of a "placebo effect". 


Now with everything you learned about the 3 failed “pain pill solutions”, I’m sure you’re wondering: “Is there a surefire way to get instant yet lasting relief from joint pain?

All with ZERO side effects?” As the “bone-whisperer doctor”, I’m here to tell you there’s. And the key to erasing your joint pain starts with understanding how your body processes pain.

When an external stimulus (like a thumbtack) hurts any part of your body, your body sends pain signals through the spinal cord to your brain.

This tells your brain to remove itself from the outside stimulus causing pain. (Here, it’s removing the leg from the thumbtack).

Your brain then sends soothing signals to the site of the pain to heal your injury and give you relief.

When things are working the way nature intended, your body heals itself in little to no time, and the pain doesn’t stay as long as it does now.

So if you remember the days when you could ride your bike, play your favorite sport, go out partying with your friends, and feel perfectly fine the morning after… it was all because your body was processing and healing pain properly. 

The problem is…

Just like the external stimulus (the thumbtack) triggers pain, Chronic Joint Pain happens when an “internal stimulus” triggers pain. How else would you explain waking up with shoot knees? Or your neck becoming stiff all of a sudden? Or your fingers cramping up when you try to write or use a knife? 

Obviously, there’s something hidden inside your body triggering all your aches & pain.

And get this…

The more this “internal stimulus” triggers pain, the less your body heals itself. That’s why your joint pain started with a small pinch or ache - only for the pain to become more unbearable day by day.

Now pain experts can’t seem to put a finger on where this “internal stimulus” comes from.

Some experts say it’s a classic case of aging and wear and tear. I’m sure you heard it before: “Joint pain comes with aging”. But you probably know folks your age who have never experienced knee or back pain, so that’s clearly not the case.

Other pain experts say it’s inflammation. But if this were true, then anti-inflammatory diets and NSAIDs would erase your pain for good, am I right? 

I knew there was another culprit experts were overlooking. Soon, a shocking discovery came about which confirmed what I already suspected:

There’s a hidden network of cells inside your body called the endocannabinoid system.

Or what I call your EC System.

Two scientists Allyn Howlett and William Devane discovered it in 1988. Yet Big Pharma swept it under the rug. Like you, I wondered why. Then it clicked: 

Since your EC System is the key to ending your pain for good. Why would Big Pharma want you or anyone else to hear about it? If word ever got out, there would be zero need for over-the-counters, prescription painkillers, or even NSAIDs. This would put Big Pharma out of business. So it was in their best interest to keep it under wraps.

Luckily, you’re now hearing about your EC System because it’s drawing the attention of many of the world’s best research institutes like…

Harvard University…

Cambridge University…

And Oxford Academic…

And that’s because scientists are now grasping the TRUE “pain-relieving” power of your EC System. In fact, listen to what they have to say:

“The endocannabinoid (EC) system is now known to be one of the key systems regulating pain sensation, with modulatory actions at all stages of pain processing pathways.”13 In layman’s terms… 

Just like when you flip a light switch, which triggers electrical circuits to travel along the wires… to turn a lightbulb on or off…

You can think of your EC System as your body’s pain switch.

And once flipped ON… it sends pain signals throughout your body which zaps your knees, back, and other body parts to cause severe, crippling pain. 

What’s even more shocking is…

You know how Cannabinoids are natural compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant? It turns out your EC System helps your body produce natural CBD receptors. Havard scientists call "endocannabinoids":

What’s even more interesting about
your body’s CBD receptors is…

They are on every single nerve ending and every single cell in your body, which allows them to trigger numbness, tingling, sharp pains, and burning sensations throughout your body. So really, CBD receptors are your pain signals.

Now after so much confusing information about aging and inflammation being the root cause of your joint pain, I’m sure this is a lot to take in.

So to make sure we’re on the same page, let’s do a quick recap:

You can think of your EC System as your body’s pain switch, which produces CBD receptors, aka your pain signals.

When it’s flipped ON, it sends ongoing pain signals that cause redness, sore knees, weak back, stiff neck, and finger cramps. And as long as your pain switch stays on, your crippling, severe pain will never go away, no matter how many painkillers you take or how many times you visit chiropractors and physical therapists.

The good news is…

All you have to do is find a way to flip your pain switch OFF, and suddenly, pain signals will go away, which will give you near-instant relief, and a chance for your joints to heal and regrow as new to boot!

But you must act fast, and here’s why:

Remember, the more pain signals run through your joints, the less your body heals itself. So the more your bones, tendons, and joints get destroyed
until the damage is almost irreversible.

In fact, this is what a healthy joint looks like: 

You see your cartilage? Inside them is Synovial Fluid, which keeps your joints lubricated like grease on a door hinge and acts as a Teflon coating for your joints. 

In fact, when Synovial Fluids are inside your joints, you’ll feel loose, limber, and you move with complete freedom. Heck! Achy, creaky joints won’t even come to mind.

But when your pain switch is on… when you’re always in pain… when your body barely heals itself anymore, your cartilages thin out. So Synovial Fluid dries out. 

This creates friction and bone-on-bone pain where your bones rub together every time you move. This even puts more pressure on your nerve endings, which results in more unbearable pain.

Worse yet - your joints flare up. This causes the redness, puffiness, and swelling you experience. 

And if left untreated - all 365 bones in your back, knees, neck, and finger shrivel and shrink. 

And just like that…

You have a serious case of lower back pain… shot knees… stiff neck… finger cramps and aches in other body parts that never go away… no matter what you do!

And if you think about it: 

This is the scientific reason you have had little luck with pain solutions in the past. They never address the actual culprit behind your joint pain: your pain switch and how to turn it OFF so you get lasting, soothing relief.

Armed with this pain-relieving information,
I asked myself 3 questions:


What if there was a way to flip OFF your pain switch so you can get instant, lasting relief? 


What if there was a way to then heal damaged bones so your joints can glide and slide pain-free? 


What if you could make this happen without relying on pain pill solutions like painkillers, NSAIDs, and supplements that only mask the pain? 

Unfortunately, because of Big Pharma’s greed, a solution like this didn’t exist yet. I had to look at ingredients myself based on my own unique research and clinical expertise.

So I began my journey looking for rare, exotic ingredients all around the world to address the root cause of your joint pain.  Specifically–how to turn off your pain switch. So you can get near-instant relief and heal and renew your joints from the inside out.

The first ingredient is hemp-derived cannabinol aka CBD. 


Just because CBD is now legal, doesn’t mean it works. That’s because for CBD to truly relieve your pain, you need to take it in the right form. And I will tell you right now, stay away from CBD oils in bottles. Here’s why:

The World Health Organization says CBD oils are only 6% absorbable which means the other 94% goes to waste. 17

That’s because most CBD oils aren’t bioavailable. Which means your body rarely absorbs the nutrients. So how could it possibly work for you? Instead, it goes straight to your liver for you to pee out. Plus, I don’t have to tell you this can also damage your liver and stomach. And with all the damage painkillers have already done, do you want to destroy your internal organs even more with CBD oil? I think not.

Now many know this and go with vaping CBD, and quite frankly, do you want to look like a pothead?

Luckily, after much research, I discovered the best way to get instant, lasting relief is with topical CBD.

In fact, after a phase 2 skin test…  backed by the US FDA and the University of Virginia Institutional Review Board… here’s what scientists had to say: 

“Topical CBD treatment demonstrated significant improvements in joint arthritis-related pain…  without adverse events.” 18


With topical CBD, you can finally get the long-lasting relief you’re looking for, with ZERO side effects.

It’s no wonder in a study conducted by the prestigious Journal of Cannabis Research, scientists discovered that…

Patients who tried topical CBD saw 100% improvement in pain symptoms when it came to house chores.

In other words, the patients were able to make the bed, take out the trash, vacuum, chop vegetables, and lift heavy boxes, with less aches & pain than they ever felt before.

The patients also reported 100% improvement in sexual function, as they were able to be more intimate with partners, without pain driving a wedge between their love life.

To top it off - 93% of subjects reported improvement in recreation, social activities, occupational activities, and life-support activities. Meaning… they were able to get back to their favorite hobbies, get back to work, and spend more time with their family and friends, without pain holding them back.

As you can clearly see, the more they used Topical CBD, the more relief they felt from pain symptoms.

Now if you’re wondering why topical CBD works so well to relieve joint pain, here’s why:

It’s because of how it interacts with your EC System.

You see, inside your EC System is a master regulator called 2-Arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG).

As scientists from the Journal of Neuroscience explain:

“[2-AG] is the true natural ligand for cannabinoid receptors and the key endocannabinoid involved in retrograde signaling”

In layman’s terms:

2-AG is like a switch, and once it’s turned off, it prevents your body from sending out pain signals AND pulls back existing pain signals surging in your joints.

Now here’s what’s fascinating about hemp-derived CBD:

CBD cream bypasses the CBD receptors and heads straight for the 2-AG, telling it to block pain signals and call back existing pain signals that are surging in your joints.

Simply put: Topical CBD flips off your pain switch so you can feel instant relief.

Even better - in more than 12,797 peer-reviewed studies, It’s been found that hemp has approximately 300 direct health benefits. 20

In fact, Researchers at the University of Colorado followed 72 patients with sleep and anxiety-related disorders. After using CBD, 79% of those participating reported experiencing less anxiety while 67% reported improved sleep.

As you know, your cartilage is the flexible tissue in joints that helps cushion them during movement. 

What helps your cartilage function are cells called Chondrocytes.

Now scientists say CBD binds to Chondrocytes, which helps the production and functioning of your cartilage.

The more I discovered about topical CBD, the more I knew it would be a total game-changer for my patients. Next, I started to experiment with a few other joint healing ingredients that can be combined to seep into your skin faster, which means faster, more permanent pain-relieving results.

That’s why the second ingredient is Caprylic.

Upon application, Caprylic forms a barrier on the skin's surface, which reduces moisture loss, and hydrates the skin. This eliminates skin irritations you would get with other topical creams.

Plus, Caprylic is an emulsifier with solvent properties. This means two things:


When combined with Topical CBD, it doesn’t leave a greasy film on your skin. Plus it’s odorless.


It helps deliver the pain-relieving ingredients of CBD to your skin much faster - allowing you to feel fast-acting relief. 

Next, I included pain-relieving secret athletes used in sports events like The Olympic Games and World Cup Football.

I’m talking about Menthol.

Now remember how 2-AG is a master regulator in your EC System?

Well inside your EC System is TRPM-8, which is like your body’s thermostat, which triggers cooling sensations.

As you know, with inflammation, your joints flare up, which is how you get burning sensations throughout your body.

Here’s where Menthol’s magic kicks in:

It binds to your skin’s TRPM-8 receptors to cool off burning sensations in your joints. This simmers down redness and flared-up joints… and gives you cryotherapy-like pain relief.

Even more - scientists say Menthol can increase your joint’s range of motion, which will allow you to bend, twist, and move with the grace of a gymnast.

Plus scientists discovered that Olympic athletes who used menthol saw a 48% boost in endurance activity, meaning if they were to be active for 100 minutes, with the use of menthol, they’d be able to keep going for an extra 48 minutes. That’s just with exercise.

Imagine what an extra 48% boost in activity levels can do in your day-to-day life. You wouldn’t be tired all day. Plus, you can play with your grandkids, garden, and jog without running out of breath right away. 23

So I knew I had to include Menthol.

So as you learned, CBD turns off your pain switch to give you instant relief.

Menthol then cools off redness and flared-up joints, which gives you DOUBLE the relief.

And you’ll get TRIPLE the relief with the third ingredient.

It’s known as
“Mother Nature’s Painkiller”, Arnica Oil.

And that’s because the American Pharmacists Association discovered that Arnica Oil works as well as Advil, without the liver-damaging, dangerous side effects.

You know what this means right?

With Arnica Oil, you can experience long-lasting, soothing, cooling relief in your back, knees or anywhere that hurts, with zero side effects. 

Now folks with severe aches & pain have scar tissues, dead cells, and trapped fluids STUCK inside their joints. What you don’t realize is, this blocks your joints from healing and rebuilding. That’s why if you want strong, sturdy joints that move with the grace of a well-oiled hinge door, it’s important to clear out waste products trapped inside your joints first.

Luckily, Arnica Oil acts like your joint’s garbageman. It stimulates the flow of white blood cells, which removes waste products (like scar tissues, dead cells, and trapped fluids) from your joints.

Once this happens, this will naturally speed up the healing process of your joints. Now the final phase to healing and rebuilding your joints to their full, pain-free, youthful function is to make sure they are fully hydrated and lubricated.

Now there are building blocks to growing strong, durable joints.

You heard about the first one: Chondrocytes.

Remember, CBD stimulates Chondrocytes to help your cartilage cushion your joints and keep them flexible.

It turns out Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice stimulates the production of the other building blocks. 

This makes Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice and CBD the dynamic duo to rebuild your joints with the same strength, flexibility, and mobility it once had.

In order for this to happen, your joints need the other build block: collagen. Now collagen provides strength to your joints, which allows them to absorb shock. And I don’t have to tell you this is crucial for when you jog, run or even walk.

And remember how synovial fluid acts as a Teflon coating for your joints?

Collagen also increases the formation of synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints, reduces friction and helps joints move smoothly.

Luckily, scientists discovered Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice stimulates fibroblasts for regeneration of collagen in damaged tissues. This means, with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, your joints will be fully lubricated, hydrated and healed from the inside out… which creates a slick, slippery surface for your joints to glide effortlessly across each other.

And while each ingredient has its own superpower to give you lasting relief from joint pain… and help renew, heal, and lubricate your joints, they work even BETTER when combined in the right ratio.

After hundreds of hours of study, research, and testing, searching the globe sourcing the highest quality, clinically proven herbs, plants, and ingredients...

My team and I have developed what we believe to be the most powerful and effective, pain-reversing formulation ever created.



FlexiEase is the world’s first and only solution that turns off your pain switch for good… which then allows you to:

Move with the same freedom you once had, with ZERO discomfort and soreness whatsoever.

In fact, FlexiEase’s joint-healing process works in 3 steps:

Step #1 - FlexiEase flips your pain switch OFF.

Step #2 - FlexiEase stops your body from sending ongoing “pain signals”, which brings you almost instant relief.

Step #3 - FlexiEase then hydrates and lubricates your joints like
grease on hinges, which allows your joints to glide and slide
pain-free… while walking, jogging or simply going about your life.

And the best part is…

You NEVER have to rely on liver-damaging painkillers.

All you have to do is rub FlexiEase on your joints, and its ingredients will seep deep into your skin to give you total cooling relief in your back, knee, or anywhere that aches.

And guess what?

Since FlexiEase greases your joints like WD-40, you can say goodbye to stiff, creaky joints… and hello to the same flexibility and mobility you had in your 20s.

And because many others say FlexiEase washes away hip pain…

You can finally get a good night’s sleep without tossing and turning, which means you’ll enjoy deep, restful sleep…

And I’m sure you realize this also means that…

You’ll wake up refreshed and rejuvenated -  with all-day energy to tackle your day!

In fact, since its release, FlexiEase has helped literally thousands of people around the world get the relief they've been praying for.

People like Katherine from New York who said:



1 week ago

“People are surprised that someone my age can ride a bike. Yet for years, this wasn’t my story. Living with chronic knee pain was like carrying a burden I couldn't shake off. Every step reminded me of the discomfort that had become a part of my life. Yet I want to thank you so much for FlexiEase, because it gave me back my life”

Or Micheal from Austin, Texas who said:



4 weeks ago

“I’m back to rock climbing and being active again. I really didn’t think much of this, but I tried it anyway. Thank GOD I did, because guess what? This didn't just alleviate my pain; it restored a sense of normalcy and joy to my everyday life."

Or even Julia from San Francisco, California who said:



5 weeks ago

"As a full-time mom and wife living with chronic pain, doing daily tasks felt like climbing a mountain. Skeptical but desperate, I tried FlexiEase. To my surprise, within days, the pain went down to almost zero. I can now play with my kids, cook for my family, and be the best mom and wife ever!”

I see life-changing results like this all the time.

I see cases where folks who were on the verge of surgery… (who doctors told were “lost causes”)... suddenly reclaim back their mobility, flexibility, AND independence!

And it’s all thanks to FlexiEase.

And if FlexiEase can help plenty of folks move like teenagers again, no matter their age or how bad their joints were, imagine what FlexiEase can do for you…

Picture what your life will look like once FlexiEase flips off your pain switch for good.

The fear of losing all mobility will magically disappear.

You’ll no longer need help with simple tasks (which means, you’ll stop feeling like a burden to your family).

And best of all…

You’ll finally stop feeling like a prisoner in your own body. And all your friends, family and co-workers will notice it.

As you’ll be able to go to social events again… get back to your favorite hobbies and do house chores (like carrying grocery bags…lifting heavy boxes, and opening glass jars and tricky packages) - all without pain ever holding you back.

So I want you to think about this:
When your pain is gone, imagine all the possibilities life will present to you:

Maybe you’ll book a trip to explore the wonders of Paris, Rome, or Venice… and go sightseeing for hours on end.

Or maybe you and your spouse will go on that dream vacation you've been talking about for years. (Because now, you can sit on hour-long flights and go hiking, pain-free).

Or maybe you’ll go to Disney World with your little ones and actually have fun with them because you don’t have to “sit this one out”.

That's the life you deserve and you can have it all today when you get your hands on FlexiEase today.

You’re so close to living life on your terms again. So let me ask you a question:

How much would you be willing to invest in waking up feeling years younger… to jump out of bed, brimming with energy to tackle the day… to finally twist, bend, and move without shot knees, sore hips, or stiff shoulders holding you back?

What would you be willing to spend if you were 100% certain this would work for you?

By now, you know insurance, prescriptions,
scans like MRIs or x-rays, doctor visits, and
physical therapy can cost you $1,000… $2,000…
sometimes even more than $3,000.

That’s why many of my colleagues say investing $500 for this lifetime solution is a steal.

But WAIT, here’s the thing:

My goal with FlexiEase is to make it as inexpensive as possible.

So I can help folks who have tried everything and are tired of all the “snake oil pain solutions”  get instant, long-term relief.

That’s why I cut out all middlemen and made it available only through this page you’re reading.

This also means, you don’t need to invest $500 to get FlexiEase straight to your doorstep.

In fact, you don’t need to $300… $150… or even the discounted introductory price of $129 dollars.

That’s because we’re offering FlexiEase for a one-time, 100% risk-free investment of only $69.

That's more than 40% off our retail price.

But that's not all.

Because you've made it this far into the presentation, it's obvious you're serious about getting relief. That's why I worked out a deal where you can try out FlexiEase at a special price… available today, ONLY through this page.

So for a limited time only, you can get a supply of FlexiEase for just $59.99. That's another $10 off.

All I ask in return is that you consider sending us a success story once you experience the same life-changing transformation that many of our customers are now experiencing.

Remember, this is the only place you'll find FlexiEase at such a low price. This deal is not available on Amazon or any other third-party retailer. That's right, just $59.99.




And while you’ll notice pain relief almost immediately… customers say they get long-term results when they take FlexiEase for 60 days or more.

That's because FlexiEase’s ingredients build up in your body, which helps heal and regrow your joints from the inside out. This means the longer you take FlexiEase, the better you feel and move.

Think of it like growing a tree.

Every day you take FlexiEase, you water the roots.

First, you’ll see a sprout.

Then it starts to flourish and blossom… 

And before you know it, you have a tall tree with powerful, thick trunks and branches that can withstand any storm.

Likewise, the more you take FlexiEase, the more powerful and thicker your joints will get…

Until one day, you have “strong-as-steal” joints that can withstand
the pressures and shocks of day-to-day movements.

This also means you can glide and slide throughout your golden years,
with zero discomfort whatsoever.

That’s why our customers get the best results when they take FlexiEase
for 60 days or more.

And that’s also why I worked out a pretty sweet deal for viewers of this page. 

You see, when we ship bottles in bulk, we can cut down on costs and pass the savings down to you.

This means, not only do you pay less for each bottle of FlexiEase, you also have plenty on hand for maximum relief month after month plus, you don't have to worry about running out and potentially ruining your progress.

Our most popular package is the three-container option, which saves you an extra $78.02, bringing your cost down to just $39.99 per container. It even comes with free shipping. Now maybe you've been suffering from severe joint pain for a long time or maybe you have a large family or a loved one also suffering from aches & pain. Or maybe you're just a smart shopper who recognizes a good deal when you see it.

More and more of my customers are investing in the six-container option of FlexiEase.

That’s because, with the six-container option, you’ll save an extra $240, which brings your investment today to just $29.99 per container. In other words, you get the biggest savings with the six-container option, which is why it’s our most popular option.

And if you do the math: That's just a dollar a day to get the relief you desire and deserve.

And remember, this deal is not available on Amazon or anywhere else. The only way to get FlexiEase for this incredible price is right from this page.

In fact, I can't guarantee you'll be able to buy FlexiEase at all. In this case, you'll be waiting for our next batch to be ready before you are able to try it. And most likely, WITHOUT the discounted price. This is why you must stock up now.

Now with any great deal, there is a catch:

By now, you know from experience how most pain solutions always come up short. So as you can imagine, thousands of pain sufferers are jumping at the bits for a solution that
actually works.

This means the demand for FlexiEase is at an all-time high. So I can't guarantee this offer will be available if you choose to leave this page and come back later.

In fact, I can't guarantee you'll be able to buy FlexiEase at all.
In this case, you'll be waiting for our next batch to be ready
before you are able to try it. And most likely, WITHOUT the
discounted price. This is why you must stock up now.
So act now and…

Secure a package of
FlexiEase for just $39.99…

Plus, every order of our 6-container option includes FREE expedited shipping.

Plus Every 6 package order will also get a FREE Bottle of Our Best-selling Detox Formula: Moringa

It’s often overlooked as a top superfood because it's found deep in remote continents…

Yet countless studies show Moringa:

Reduces inflammation and removes ROS so your joints can heal themselves in record time. (And I’m sure you realize this means, less knee back and back aches for you).

Supports healthy cholesterol & blood sugar levels, which eases daily stress and allows you to get a good night’s sleep.

Banishes fatigue so you can experience all-day energy (imagine how active you’ll be once this happens).

As you know, chronic pain triggers inflammation where Reactive oxygen species (ROS) flood to every nook-and-cranny of your joints.

You can think of ROS as waste products that inflammation leaves.

This is what leads to your skin getting red and joints “flaring up”.

In fact, it’s so bad it causes what scientists call “Toxic Joints”.

And as you probably guessed, the more toxic your joints are… the more pain you’ll experience… and the harder it becomes to get true, lasting relief.

So by now, I’m sure you realize that…

When you combine Moringa with FlexiEase,
you can DOUBLE the speed at which your
body erases pain and heals your joints

So it’s a no-brainer to add Moringa to your order.

The best part is…

While Moringa normally costs $69, you won’t pay a dime today.

That’s because you’ll get Moringa 100% FREE when you get the 6-container option of FlexiEase.

And remember…

With the 6-container option, you’ll also get the biggest savings.

Now as I said, most solutions have disappointed you. So if you’re still skeptical, I totally get it. This is why your investment in FlexiEase comes with a 180-day, “Younger Knees, Stronger Back Guarantee”. All this means is…

If by the end of the 180 days,

Your back, knees, neck, and everywhere aches… where you’re STILL unable to get back to your favorite activities and do the simple tasks in life without feeling sore… then send an email to our customer service center at EMAIL and we'll refund every single penny - no questions asked. 

So you don’t even have to say yes right now. Just say maybe today… and make your final decision after you “test-drive” FlexiEase.

One Month Supply

Cheapest Option1 Jar

Special OfferSave $10

Special OfferSave $10


Total $59.99

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3 Month + 3 Month Free


Biggest Savings6 Jars

Special OfferSave $240

Special OfferSave $240

Special OfferSave $240


Total $179.94

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2 Month + 1 Month Free

Most Popular3 Jars

Special OfferSave $90

Special OfferSave $90


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The page is encrypted with the latest SSL 256-bit security for your total privacy and protection.  This is the same security that major e-commerce giants like Amazon.com use. Next, all you have to do is enter your details on our 256-bit encrypted order form. 

And in a matter of days, you’ll hold in your hands the pain-relieving solution your body has been crying out for. 

You have been dealing with pain for way too long.  So it’s time to take action and choose the package that’s best for you.

And remember… you get the biggest savings when you choose the 6-container option. So I recommend picking that package.

I can't wait for you to FEEL every single benefit that FlexiEase has to offer. Click the button below and get FlexiEase now.

Look - it’s too late for my uncle who died from bone cancer… But there’s still a glimmer of hope for you. You can still have your life back.

So right now, you've come to a very real crossroads in life where you must make a choice between two very different outcomes.

The first option, of course, is to do nothing to address the root cause of your relentless joint pain, discomfort, and limitations. You will continue to suffer from crippling aches & pain on a daily basis. Worse yet - deep down, you’ll be begging and screaming for lasting relief, when in reality, the relief you’re praying for may never come.

Imagine always trying to mask your discomfort, forever a slave to your joint pain… with every step reminding you of your daily struggles, never truly having the ability to enjoy life to its fullest.  You'll be carrying the burden of this pain, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because remember, the longer you have joint pain, the more your joints decay, which triggers arthritis, tendonitis, inflammatory conditions, and joint-pain-related diseases. And soon, your ability for your body to function normally fades away, until you feel like a disabled person who needs help with simple tasks like putting on a shirt, blowdrying your hair, getting into bed and even walking. And even if you think, "Oh, it's just my joints, I can handle it," there's a good chance your joints are screaming out for help. Worse yet - chances are, you & your family are already feeling the financial, emotional, and mental toll of your constant joint pain.

Luckily, we’re fortunate to have a natural solution that truly delivers, leading you to a reality where you wake up each day feeling rejuvenated and free from joint pain. Imagine your life with joints that function smoothly, like a well-oiled machine.

You feel more agile and energetic as your body moves without stiffness or soreness. The days of dealing with severe joint aches and mobility issues will be behind you. You feel more confident as your body regains its strength, allowing you to enjoy activities you love. Your friends and family might even comment on your newfound vitality. Whether it's because you're more active and they notice the spring in your step. Or whether they simply see that you're in a much better mood, radiating positivity - free from joint pain and in complete control of your body.

I know this is the future you've been dreaming of, and it would be regrettable to let this chance pass you by.

So go ahead, get your supply of FlexiEase right now, and make this future a reality.  Remember, you get the biggest savings when you get the 6-container option of FlexiEase.

I guarantee you'll be satisfied. If not, you don't pay a single penny. As a doctor with more than 10 years of experience, it wouldn't feel right to keep your money unless you get every benefit you deserve and truly restore your joint’s flexibility and mobility. It's not just a policy, but my personal guarantee. It's that simple. Claim your supply of FlexiEase below and we'll rush your order straight to your doorstep.

One Month Supply

Cheapest Option1 Jar

Special OfferSave $10

Special OfferSave $10


Total $59.99

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3 Month + 3 Month Free


Biggest Savings6 Jars

Special OfferSave $240

Special OfferSave $240

Special OfferSave $240


Total $179.94

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2 Month + 1 Month Free

Most Popular3 Jars

Special OfferSave $90

Special OfferSave $90


Total $119.97

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Now I get tons of emails every day from my patients who
have frequent questions about FlexiEase. And I know that
people who read this far usually have a few questions.

So I'm just going to answer a few of the most common questions while you're sitting
there deciding to secure a package of your own. The first question is from Katherine
from North Carolina who asked:

“What Makes FlexiEase Different From Other Pain Solutions I Have Tried?”

By now, you know most pain solutions never work or only give you temporary relief.

And as you just learned, you know it’s because most pain solutions never target the root cause of your joint pain, which is why you have been left disappointed in the past.  FlexiEase is unique because it’s the only Triple-Action pain-relieving formula that targets the root cause of your joint pain:

FlexiEase turns off your pain switch. This stops your body from sending ongoing “pain signals”, which brings you almost instant relief.

FlexiEase then goes to work, hydrating and lubricating your joints. This helps heal your bones from the inside out and helps rebuild “strong as steal” joints that glide and slide pain-free.

And that’s not all…

Once you rub FlexiEase on your joints, its ingredients get to work in the background, like a 24/7 workhouse. This results in soothing relief that you’ll feel days, months, and even years from now.

Now Lauren from Houston, Texas asks:

“I Really Have Bad Knees and a Weak Back, Are You Sure FlexiEase Will Work for Me?”

Look - I have shown you clinical studies from Harvard, Yale, and Oxford University…

And even explained the science of how FlexiEase will give you lasting relief… despite how sore and achy your joints are.

And by now, you have seen raving reviews from happy customers, like Katherine who said:



4 weeks ago

"Within a week, the constant ache in my back that used to greet me every morning was significantly reduced. I could play with my grandkids, work in my garden, and even take up golf again without the nagging pain that used to hold me back. This didn't just alleviate my pain; it restored a sense of normalcy and joy to my everyday life."

Or Micheal who said:



6 weeks ago

"When I tried this joint pain solution, I was skeptical, but the results were nothing short of miraculous. Within days, the pain in my knees subsided significantly, allowing me to move with a freedom I hadn't felt in years. It's not just a temporary fix; it's been months, and I'm still enjoying long walks and fun activities with a vigor I thought I'd lost forever. This product didn't just ease my pain; it gave me back my life."

There are tens of thousands of folks who are finally getting lasting pain relief. Thousands of happy customers can’t be wrong. So let me ask you this:

If FlexiEase is already working for them… (some with more severe back and knee pain than yours)... how could it not possibly work for you?

The truth is… it will.

So to experience first-hand how well FlexiEase will work for you, take advantage of our special, RISK-FREE offer that you can only get on the page… and order FlexiEase today.

And remember…

You get to save even more when you get the 6-container option of FlexiEase. Peter from Washington, D.C had an interesting question:

“Is FlexiEase Only For Joint Pain? Or Will It Help With Nerve Pain, Stiffness, And Muscle Spasms?”

Of course, FlexiEase can!

Because get this…

In a study reported by the prestigious Anesthesia and Analgesia Journal… which involved 11 randomized controlled trials with a total of 1219 patients…

Scientists discovered that the ingredients found in FlexiEase decreased the severity of nerve pain. 24

And let me ask you a question:

Have you ever heard of free radicals?

Well, they are unstable molecules that increase inflammation and damage vital tissues.

This can lead to stiffness and muscle spasms.

Luckily, studies show FlexiEase’s ingredients have antioxidant properties, which is just a fancy way of saying:

FlexiEase penetrates your skin to fight off free radicals and as a result, it helps reduce stiffness and muscle spasms.

Now John from San Fransico, California asks:

“How Fast Will I See Results?”

While many customers report feeling relief within the very first day of trying FlexiEase… results may vary from person to person.

And since studies show the ingredients inside FlexiEase have been proven to relieve pain in as early as 7 days.

You can expect the pain in your back, neck, knees, shoulders, and fingers to diminish significantly within the first few weeks.

Now remember…

FlexiEase has a compounding effect.

Which means the more you use it… the less pain you'll feel… and the thicker your joints will grow…

Until you wake up one day, with “strong-as-steels” bones that can tackle whatever the day brings… WITHOUT your knees hurting, or your back aching.

This is also why as a doctor, I recommend stocking up on the 6-container option. So you have more than enough to feel the long-lasting, compounding effects of FlexiEase.

Others also asked:

“Does FlexiEase Come with Any Side Effects?

Since this is a topical cream, you don’t have to ingest anything, which means…

You never have to worry about kidney, liver, brain, and other organ damage that comes with taking painkillers.

Even better…

Unlike other topical creams, FlexiEase’s ingredients form a protective coat on the skin's surface. This keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized, and prevents itchiness or irritation.

In fact, to this day, we have not had a single side effect reported from our loyal customers who take FlexiEase. 

So you can order today with full confidence.

“How Does The Guarantee Work Again?”

“Does FlexiEase Come with Any Side Effects?

Your order today is fully protected by our 180-day, “Younger Knees, Stronger Back Guarantee”.

This means if you’re not satisfied with your order, then all you have to do is send a quick email to our customer service specialist and just like that, you’ll get your money back - no questions asked!

We’re so confident that FlexiEase will work for you that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is and remove all the risk off your shoulders.

So if you’re curious about FlexiEase, you don’t even have to make a decision today. Simply place your order, try it out for up to 180 days, then decide you want to keep it - all RISK-FREE.

So now there’s no reason not to say “yes!” today.

And remember…

You’ll get the biggest savings when you stock up on the 6-container option.

So go ahead - order FlexiEase and stock up while supplies last.

And the last question is…

“How Long Will This Special Offer For FlexiEase Last?”

As I said before, because you’ve made it this far into the presentation, it's obvious you're serious about tackling your joint pain once and for all.

So as a reward for your seriousness, I’m giving you FlexiEase at a discounted price.

Of course, there’s a catch:

This special deal is only for the viewers of this page today. This means that once you leave this page, you’ll never get FlexiEase at such a discounted rate again. 

And remember…

Because of how well FlexiEase works, demand is going through the roof, which also means there’s no telling how long supplies will last…

Or if this page will even be up should you leave this page without ordering FlexiEase.

So take advantage of this one-time offer and order FlexiEase while you still can.

I can't wait for you to experience FlexiEase for yourself and feel the incredible relief that comes from moving freely, possibly for the first time in years. This is the first product I've seen that addresses joint pain in such a natural, yet thoroughly effective way. As a doctor, compassion is a cornerstone of my practice. Indeed, without compassion, sustaining a long-term career in the medical field would be unthinkable. This demanding, life-changing work requires a deep sense of empathy; without it, one wouldn't last in this field.

And as the leading bone cell expert in Toronto Canada, I've witnessed how joint pain can drastically affect a person's life. It leads to strained relationships, missed opportunities, embarrassment, physical discomfort, unwanted weight gain, marital issues, workplace challenges, ruined vacations, concentration difficulties, self-consciousness, and the loss of social connections due to avoiding activities. You might think, "Oh, it's just my joints."

Or perhaps, "It's just a bit of stiffness, an inconvenience, not a serious problem, I'll deal with it." But the truth is, your joint health is crucial. The longer you live with joint pain, the more your joints decay. This can affect your entire body.

In fact, a recent study in a leading medical journal demonstrated a direct link between joint pain and a spike in inflammation, which can lead to systemic health issues. With all the painkillers Big pharma peddles, researchers have found that chronic joint problems can contribute to the destruction of your major organs… as well as severe health issues like depression, chronic fatigue, and insomnia.

As frustrating as joint pain and stiffness are, they could open Pandora’s box for other health issues. That’s why I've done everything in my power to make FlexiEase both affordable and accessible to anyone who needs it. If you're still reading, if this message resonates with your experiences, then FlexiEase could be the most drastic change you make for your joint health in years.

Claim your supply of FlexiEase now.
Go ahead, and select your package below...

Opt for the three or six-container option for maximum savings and the
greatest discount. We'll rush it directly to your doorstep.

You're always covered by our 180-day “Younger Knees, Stronger Back Guarantee” guarantee. So you have absolutely nothing to lose. So now you get to experience what it's like to live life on your terms. With complete freedom, more time with loved ones, without feeling like a prisoner trapped in your own body. Feel confident in engaging in the activities you love without interruption. That's the life you deserve, and you can start living it today with FlexiEase.

Thank you for reading, and God bless.

One Month Supply

Cheapest Option1 Jar

Special OfferSave $10

Special OfferSave $10


Total $59.99

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3 Month + 3 Month Free


Biggest Savings6 Jars

Special OfferSave $240

Special OfferSave $240

Special OfferSave $240


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Special OfferSave $90


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